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Thanks to all of our customers who have taken a moment to show us their beautiful quilts and tell us about how it was hanging their quilt with the hang it dang it. If you would like to share your pictures and stories, we would love to post them. Please include the name of the quilt and if it's a not an original pattern, please include the pattern name and designer so we may give them credit.

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This is a great idea for a product - it worked as promised and was very easy to install.  Here's a photo of the quilt hanging, I made it from an original design by a friend, and call it Summer Leaves. This photo with a little more context that shows the product's self-leveling feature worked as well as the carpenters who framed the window. - Cheryl, North Carolina Here is a picture of my quilt "Fireworks" on the Hang it Dang it. The wall hanging is 51" x 51".  I love the way it hangs and the Hang it Dang it was so easy to use. I will be ordering more of them.  Your company was very prompt in sending it and it was in excellent condition.
- Pat, Tennessee Here is a photo of the first quilt I hung with a Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger.  I purchased the hanger online, but then convinced a local quilt shop to carry them, so I have now purchased two more!  I have sent those two to people I have made quilts for, so now they can enjoy their quilts hanging up so easily.
- Patrice, California I purchased this quilt kit “A Maizing Southwest” by Arlene Walsh while visiting Santa Fe.  It is all appliquéd and took about two months to finish.  I wasn't sure how I was going to hang it, so I went looking for quilt hangers online and found your site.  I thought "Wow, if this thing really works, what a fabulous way to display my work!"  It now hangs in my living room.  I ordered your hanger and it arrived 3 days later.  I couldn't believe how quickly it was shipped.  I hung my quilt the same day.  As you can see, it hangs perfectly straight and took less than 10 minutes for the entire process.  Thank you thank you - I'll be back for more.
- Deb G, Colorado Here is our quilt hanging on the large foyer wall at Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc. in Murray, Utah (near Salt Lake City).  My husband is the Safety Director for the company and decided they needed not only a colorful decoration but a constant reminder to "be safe."  We used the company logo to incorporate the message in the pattern.  The Hang It Dang It made it very easy to hang on the wall.  Thank you for a great product and prompt delivery.
- Mike and Terri, Utah I just hung my first quilt with your hang it dang it. I LOVE it!!!  It was so easy to use. In fact putting the sleeve on my quilt was much harder than hanging it!  And my quilt looks great on the wall, don't you think?  
- Debbie, Ohio A friend of mine told me about your quilt hangers.  I purchased one and I can't tell you enough how well it worked. My mother asked me to make her a sunflower wall hanging because sun flowers make her smile.  I made the wall hanging but could not figure out how I was going to hang it where she wanted to look at it all the time.  With one of your 'hang it dang its' I was able to put the wall hanging on the wall and it lays against the wall perfectly.
- Thank you! Ginny Here is a photo of the quilt I hung using your product, Hang it Dang it. I used to be afraid to hang a quilt because of all the work/steps to do it: buy the wood, seal it, measure on the wall, drill, etc. This time, I was done in ten minutes, and most of that time was spent locating a nail! I love your product! Thank you!
- Luann I wanted to hang this large quilt but could not figure out how to do it without some massive hanger. Your rod made this so simple and easy that I had this quilt up in minutes. Thanks!
- Kay I had just about 10 extra minutes this morning to hang the quilt, and 10 minutes was plenty of time.  It hangs perfectly, and was just as fast as the first one I hung in my hallway a few months ago. Thanks for a great product.
- Linda This is a quilt based on a "chief blanket" design; made by High Desert Concepts.
- Ellen University of Miami t shirt quilt hung with a hang it dang it rod, dang was it easy.
- Lucille The quilt we hung is of the Toiyabe Mountain Range in central Nevada. It is a beautiful place with fond memories. The Hang it Dang it quilt hanger was quick and easy to use!! 
- Mary After 512 pieces of fabric i finally hung it on the wall.  The quilt is called the Bitty Broken Star and was so glad to finish it. Using my quilt hanger was a breeze and i can change my quilts on my wall whenever I want to.
- Candy I just used your Hang It Dang It quilt hanger for this wall hanging in my bedroom.  It is chenille.  It was so easy.  Intend on buying some more for future quilts.
- Jo
Works and looks great!
- Shelly LOVE the Hang It Dang it!! This Feathered Star has become the headboard for my bed! The Hang It Dang It worked so easily. Thank you.
- Teresa Just hung my quilt!
- Janie I probably made this quilt about 8 years ago, but just put on your sleeve and hangar.  It's hung with a paper clip on a nail in that stone wall.
- Dee I just finished this wall hanging which was extremely and surprisingly easy.  It is placed over my couch in the newly painted family room. The "Hang it - Dang it" hung this 56 inch square without a hitch. It was leveled and balanced perfectly with no second tries.  Definitely recommend it for a larger quilt.
- Carol We met you at the Paducah quilt show and discussed our Hang It Dang It prize that we received from the ALS challenge sponsored by Quilter's Dream Batting. Here is a picture of a new quilt that we are sending for this year's ALS challenge. I have it displayed using your Hang it dang it hanger.  We appreciate your support for a very worthy cause.
- Bunny I just wanted to thank you for developing such a great quilt hanger.  My wife and I recently opened a Fiber Art Studio in Breckenridge, Colorado.   I wanted to display a few of my wife’s hand quilted quilts however, finding the right quilt hanger was a challenge.   Both of us desired a clean look for the displays.   After doing some quick searching on the internet, I found Hang It Dang It. As you can see from the attached photo, the quilt looks perfect, no distractions.  The quilt pictured was designed and hand quilted by my wife and Fiber Artist, Judy Keim.
The quilt is titled:  Homespuns and More.   The size is 108” width by 114” length, (yes it's quite big).  Techniques used: machine and hand pieced, all hand quilted.   The pattern is based on various traditional blocks, including a center Mariners Compass.  This particular quilt was started in May of 1998 and completed in May of 2002.   Fabrics included cottons in navy, beige with flowers, dark green, tone-on-tone beige, navy/beige stripe, red small check, beige striped flannel. Green/beige stripe, beige background with small green leaves, yellow background with navy/green lines.  Hand quilted designs included feathers, triangular feathers, circles at Mariners Compass, cables, diagonal lines on flying geese and straight lines.
Thanks again for a great product! - Ed I have never come across a hanging system where I can hang quilts alone without the help of my husband not to mention  the fact that they appear to magically hang without the aid of anything on the wall AND hang straight! An added bonus is that because you can't see the hanger there is nothing distracting you eye from the quilt itself which is a fabulous thing.
- Karlene Here is a photo of my 100" quilt hanging folded over the rod. See how well this worked.  Thank you for all of your help!
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